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Explora Dome White with Black Lining

8' Black Ld Dome W/Alum Mounting Ring & Alum Wheel Channel Wheels & Brush Seal

ED-62BLD Dome


The Explora Dome only Kit is fully assembled and ready to install on your observatory building. Just (a) affix the preassembled aluminum mounting ring to your roof support structure, (b) set the Dome on the preassembled mounting ring (c) install the retainer ring sections and you are ready to view the Stars.

Our ExploraDome Kit Includes The aluminum rings and wheels give you smooth and quiet rotation. If you are doing astrophotography and need dependable, precise dome rotation for automated tracking, this is the chassis you want. And the Kit makes it easy to put it all together.

The Explora Dome only Kit includes the following,

  • 8' Dome -- preassembled with aluminum wheel track ring, w/aperture bracing,
  • Upper shutter rope pulley system for opening and closing the upper shutter.
  • The lower shutter door latches w/rope.
  • Aluminum Mounting Ring -- preassembled with the Wheel Kit
  • Retainer Ring Sections
  • New Brush Seal to seal the Dome to the building

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Explora Dome White with Black Lining


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